International High School of Sarajevo is a private school which provides its students with quality education in a productive environment from 2010. During that period our school graduated many highly qualified, socially responsible persons, and all of them continued their education in significant universities.

Most of the credit for achieving great results in curricular and extracurricular activities we owe to our dedicated, highly qualified staff that share their knowledge and experience in an interactive, student-friendly way.

Curriculum is being taught in english language in majority of the subjects which gives an opportunity to the students from Bosnia and Herzegovina to master their pronunciation and grammar. On the other side, it also makes foreign students adapt easier to our educational system.

Our curriculum is approved by the Ministry of education, science and youth of Canton Sarajevo. Besides the regular diploma, we are a Cambridge examinations center and can offer examinations for those who wish to obtain a Cambridge diploma as well.

School campus is completely under the video surveillance which ensures security for our students.